About SHAMS National School

SHAMS National School was established in April 2004. SHAMS National School is a coeducation institution of approximately 1500 pupils and 65 staff. During the last 1-year SHAMS National School's pupil capacity has increased. We now have LKG to 12 classes. As a school, we seek to provide opportunities for all pupils to develop their potential to the full. To achieve this, a school must be caring society. Since learning takes place most efficiently when children are happy and secure. The school expects and maintains high standards of work, behaviour, and personal appearance. It cannot be over-emphasized that the role of the parent is crucial in the process of education. As the parents you are encouraged to join in with the life of the school. With your fullest support your child will enjoy success. Success not only measurable in terms of achievement grades or certificates, but also in terms of self-control, concern for others and respect for the rules of the school and society. SHAMS behaviour management policy is based on the motto and ethos statement of our twinned school Beardwood High School (UK).