Why In Dhawa


Our vision and broad picture is to complement and supplement educational initiatives and opportunities around the world, particularly in South Asia. We have managed to establish our network with India, targeting rural area of Uttar Pradesh region where literacy is very low among the economically deprive people. We believe, education is one of the most effective solutions to help these people survive and sustain the minimum standard of their life. Not only this, but with education and life long learning skills they can also lead their lives with honour and dignity, which every human being deserves. From humanity point of view Shams National School is capable of meeting these challenges. We have to sort our work from somewhere, after serious consultation with relevant people in India in the UK. We thought Dhawa is an ideal location to start our educational work. Dhawa village is in Ghazipur district and also very near to this city. Ghazipur district, UP, India is an under-developed eastern lying on the bank of river Ganga. Hot summer, a very cold winter and a heavy rainy season characterize the climate of the Dhawa village. The population of Ghazipur district in 2001 was 3049337, comprising 1544496 males and 1504841 females. Almost 92.35 % people are living in rural areas while only 7.64% people are urbanized. The average literacy of Ghazipur district till 2001 was 48.49% comprising 63.39% males and 36.60% females are literate. Agriculture is the main occupation of the people of the area in which is about 79% of the total population is engaged. From the industrial point of view, the district has only two large-scale industries. There is further scope of industrial development. People are very friendly here and they belong to different cultural and religious backgrounds. This area needs more and more investment in education, healthcare, social welfare, Industry and commerce. Hence. International Learning Movement ILM (UK) in partnership with numbers of other local, national and international agencies decided to launch 'literacy project' in this area.