General Instruction
 The school reserves the right to test the child in any or all subjects.

 The medium of instruction in all classes is in English only.

 Registration for admission can be done any time during the years proceeding the on which the admission is sought.

 Registration Fee’s is not transferable or refundable.

 A family photograph must be provided after the admission.

 Identity passes will be allocated for those who will take the children home to ensure and security and safety of the child.

 One month notice is desirable in case of the child is to be withdrawn.

 Fee exemption and concession may be allowed to deserving brilliant students.

 Parents/guardians are expected to check the school diary of their ward for notices and other relevant information every day.

 The Management and Governing Body of the School reserves the rights to add or to waive any of the rules and regulations contained herein without assigning any reason.

 The interpretation of any rules and regulations in the prospectus as well as any amendment to its rest solely and entirely with the Management and Governing Body of the Shams National School, which shall be final and parents/guardians and in no case lie in any court of law in respect of their decision.